A question about basic element composing in holoviews and geoviews

Hi, kind of basic question about element composing:

Is there any way to append new elements to the basic holoviews plots?
I mean, let’s say you have a Points object: you could always visualize more points by creating another points object and merging them into an Overlay by using the multiplication operator (btw, love this way of composing with mathematical operators.

But is there any way of adding more points to an existing object without having to add each value to the corresponding array in the data OrderedDict? A high level way like the Tabs.extend() method, or the list.append(). I’ve looked for it inside my gv.Points instance, but I fail to find it, and it seems like either it’s a basic feature I might be missing or you’re supossed to make bigger and bigger overlays instead of clumping data inside a single object.

Are you really asking for how you can update the underlying data source and/ or stream data into it? (Then there might be an answer :-))

And if possible please add a minimum reproducible example that we can help on. It helps a lot understanding what the problem is. Thanks.

HoloViews objects are explicitly implemented to be declarative and immutable. If you want to update a plot you will indeed have to use some of the streaming functionality @Marc alluded to. Some references here are the Live Data and streaming data user guides.

Thanks, that’s what I wanted to know. Then overlaying the elements will be the answer, as each point has some data that’s watched by a callback, but there’s no data streaming at all. Knowing that objects are immutable tells me I wasn’t missing some obvious appending method.