Accessing error messages for DynamicMap callable

I’m using HoloViews (via GeoViews) to visualize paths on a map. Then I add a Selection1D to it to select parts of the path, and use a DynamicMap to plot some properties of the data for the selected segment. This happens within a Jupyter Notebook (classic, not jupyter labs)
This works quite nicely, but I have one question : I hook up the DynamicMap like this:

dyn_fig = hv.DynamicMap(partial(processing_function, param1, param2), streams=[selection_stream])
In case processing_function has some errors, they seem to be swallowed by the framework - I never get to see any error messages. Is there some way to access errors that happen within the callable code provided to DynamicMap?

HoloViews Version: 1.13.4
bokeh Version: 2.2.1
Python 3.8.5


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