AdjointLayout reverts to shared_axes=True when using

I discovered these wonderful examples for incorporating dendrograms with heatmaps:

I noticed that AdjointLayout does not have a shared_axes option, but that hv.opts.Layout(shared_axes=False) is required for proper scaling of the dendrograms.

Unfortunately, it seems that this option is not preserved when the plot is saved with

I’m wondering if there is a workaround to preserve the shared_axes=False option for AdjointLayout when rendering/saving figures using the following package versions:


Thanks, all! Using and loving Holoviews for years now.

Oooh, I had totally forgotten about dendrograms. Might be a good idea to revive them as an actual PR. The shared_axes issue may have to be raised as an actual issue on HoloViews.

Thanks, @philippjfr. I’ll open an issue.