Awesome Panel Extensions Package - Change Log

This is awesome! Combining the speed of Perspective and the convenience of serving apps with Panel would be a game-changer!
Would love to have this natively supported in Panel, @philippjfr : )

Great work @Marc!!

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Added Material Select and IntSlider

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Added Material LinearProgress and CircularProgress

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PerspectiveViewer Update

I’ve improved the PerspectiveViewer widget by

  • Making it consistent with panel DataFrame widget by renaming data parameter to value
  • Adding support for streaming and patching data similar to Tabulator Widget.
  • Rewriting to Bokeh Extension
  • fixing some minor bugs


Use it via from awesome_panel_extensions.widgets.perspective_viewer import PerspectiveViewer

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PivotTable.js Added

With the experience and code from the PerspectiveViewer and Tabulator it was pretty easy to add support for PivotTable.js.

It runs well on notebook and server in my experience.

Use it via from awesome_panel_extensions.widgets.tabulator import Tabulator.

The current implementation is very basic. If you need more let me know.


FastButton added

The Fast extensions are based on the web components web component which are open sourced by Microsoft and probably will power the VS Code and Microsoft Office experience in the future.


Please note that you can only use the Fast widgets inside a custom Panel template that

  • Wraps the content of the <body> html tag inside the <fast-design-system-provider> tag.
  • Loads the Fast javascript module dependencies.

We provide the FastTemplate for easy usage.

You can also develop your own custom Panel template if you need something special. For example combining it with more web components and the Fluent Design System to create VS Code and Microsoft Office like experiences.

Please also note that the Fast components do not work on legacy browser like Internet Explorer.

Use it via from import FastButton



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Fast Checkbox Added


Use it via from import FastCheckbox

Fast TextInput Added


Use it via from import FastTextInput or checkout the reference guide on Binder.

FastAnchor Added

Use it via from import FastAnchor

Or checkout the reference guide


FastTextAreaInput Added

Use it via from import FastTextAreaInput and checkout


Unfortunately the fast-text-area attributes height and also autofocus, rows, min_length and spellcheck do not seem to work. Please upvote Fast Github Issue 3874 if you would like this solved.

FastLiteralAreaInput Added

Use it via from import FastLiteralAreaInput



Use it via from import FastLiteralInput

Fast LiteralInput

FastSwitch Added

Use it via from import FastSwitch

Fast Switch

Icon Support Added

Use it via from awesome_panel_extensions.models import Icon.

awesome-panel-extensions 20210124.1 released

I’ve upgraded the package requirements for Panel to 0.10.3.

The awesome-panel-extensions package has been upgraded

  • Supports Panel 0.11 and Bokeh 2.3
  • Clean up as lots of widgets and the Fast Templates are now a core part of Panel.

Still lots of goodies in there :slight_smile:

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Hi @Marc, just want to let you know that Awesome panel seems stopped at the moment.

Error 403 - This web app is stopped.

hope it will recovered soon ^^

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Thanks @Arifin . I had a billing issue. Hope it will be up within 24 hours.

The site is up again @Arifin :+1: