Bokeh's image_url in Panel


What is the equivalent of bokeh’s image_url in Panel

What do you want to achieve exactly?

I want to receive a map from my mapserver using OGS-WMS and overlay it
to my panel map.
thank you

What package are you using for plotting? Holoviews? Geoviews? Panel is just the wrapper around the plotting package, not the plotter itself.

Geoviews provides projection handling and also includes an api for common WMTSs. That might be a good place to start: Projections — GeoViews 1.9.5+g5eb9cd4-dirty documentation (see first example)


I had certain steps with HV-Panel and built some layers using datashader

Now I need to get an image from my mapserver possibly with wms.

thank you

I will also look at GV.

The equivalent to ImageURL is to fetch the image and pass that to hv.RGB; see python 3.x - Display image from url using holoviews - Stack Overflow for the syntax. But here it sounds like you want hv.Tiles() to handle all that for you; see Tiles — HoloViews v1.14.8.

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Thank you
I will try

@Ahmet mapserver, is that ArcGIS Server?


I preferred to use Minesotta Universities’ MapServer.