Can I reuse a variable name for an object after rendering to create a new object?

I wanted to create objects on the panel in a loop, and reuse the same variable name for a new object to render, say a plot or dataframe.
Right now, I’m only able to generate one object, and that only gets updated in the next loop iteration.
Is there a way I can achieve what I’m trying to do?

Thanks for your question. Could you post a little example of what you’re trying to achieve? I can’t quite figure out what you’re asking.

so it has to be something like this:
for i in data:
generate matplolib plot using i
paste i onto the panel html doc in a row/column
clear plot generated so next plot is new

Does panel partially create the document as it goes through the loop, or does it happen towards the end?
Right now, when i did this, I just get the same plot generated multiple times, that is the last one in the loop.
Is this an issue with matplotlib then?
also, i tried using plt.clf() or plt.close(), but that didn’t help