Charts take a while to load

Hey! I’ve been working on a Panel app that is open-sourced on GitHub and live at (we deployed it on Heroku).

As you can see the plots take much time to load and we would like to make it faster. You guys have any tips to improve our performance? We tried to migrate to another server, but the problem persisted, so we thought we could make improvements to the code.

It’s really hard to figure out without digging quite deep into the code and you already seem to have taken advantage of some of the options for optimizing load/render times, including 1) inserting objects as distinct roots 2) using on_load callbacks to defer some of the computation until after the initial render. You could try deferring some more of the computation until the initial render. Also is there maybe some scope to cache some of the computation that occurs on initial load? If so I’d look at using the pn.state.as_cached function.

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