Conda inconsistent development environment

I’ve created a conda env according to the instruction on the website to create a development environment for panel. This all works fine, and if I install my dependencies before doing the final panel install everything works.

However, when I want to add another python package to this environment through conda (say pytorch), conda will detect that my environment is inconsistent and it will propose to revert panel back to 0.9.7 on top of installing the packages I want.

Is there a way of avoiding conda trying to fix my environment when I add new packages? Currently I start over with a new environment but this is rather labor intensive.

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Hi @Jhsmit

I don’t know about the additional panel packages. Have not tried that. But be aware that at the moment if you change resources like css files you manually have to run python -c "from panel.compiler import bundle_resources;bundle_resources()" (fast) or python develop (slow) for the changes to take effect. I use that very much currently when contributing to the Templates.

You can find the “latest instructions” here

Yeah, I saw some of the issues on GitHub but despite that and the fact that i’m a couple beers in on friday night, I managed to get a new development environment up and running which also has pytorch!

Although it seems that in the process I’ve broken my previous development environment. Oh well.
Btw, the current master doesnt work for me. I had to checkout something from september. I’ll try to make an issue, theres a couple of other bugs as well but I’m having a hard time making a MWE.

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