Converting and displaying the conversion of text to uppercase

Hello, I’m cooperating with Marc Skov Madsen to convert Streamlit examples to Panel and want to implement the following simple Streamlit code into Panel.

The execution of the Streamlit code looks like so:

I want the example to run from the command-line, not from a Jupyter notebook. Here is the code I have created so far:

import param
import panel as pn

class BaseClass(param.Parameterized):
    enter_some_text = param.String(default="str", doc="A string")

    def view(self):
        result = self.enter_some_text.upper()
        return pn.pane.Str(result)

display = BaseClass(name='simple uppercase')
pn.Row(display.param, display.view)

You just need to make the row servable like this pn.Row(display.param, display.view).servable() and run panel serve from the command line.