"Datashading is not available" error with python 3.10.2

I just built a new holoviz environment from the conda-forge channel with python 3.10.2, and when I tried to do hvplot with rasterize=True I got Datashading is not available even though datashader was installed.

Here the simple notebook with error:

The environment file I used was:

name: test
  - conda-forge
  - fsspec
  - hvplot
  - holoviews
  - panel
  - datashader
  - geoviews
  - ipykernel
  - xarray
  - zarr
  - netcdf4
  - intake
  - intake-xarray
  - metpy
  - requests
  - jupyter-panel-proxy
  - nbgitpuller

when I reverted my environment from python 3.10.2 to 3.9.10, it works as expected.

Rich, it turns out this is a py310 code issue but it is already fixed in https://github.com/holoviz/holoviews/blob/master/holoviews/operation/datashader.py#L3

All we need is a new releases and to mark the current packages as working only on py<310

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