Django app example not working with latest panel app or any version > 0.9.3


I am making a interective dashboard using panel with django. with the example given uses panel==0.9.3 which has many limitations compared to the latest version.

is there any way i can use latest version of panel with django.

this is the error i get.

Hi @sanjay-av

I am not an expert in this topic. But a few things comes to mind.

  • You might be able to find an environment variable or setting that serves those assets from a CDN instead of by the Django.
  • You might find a way to serve those assets from Django.
  • This is a bug and should be reported on Github as a bug. Preferably with a small example.

I’m sorry I don’t know more. But the above is where I would start.

Another suggestion is to clear the cache on your web browser.

(I had problems launching a panel app when I performed the upgrade to 0.10.2 that were resolved by this one-time action; unfortunately I don’t recall if they were 404 errors you report or something else.)

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thanks for the reply.

i found the issue.

in django installed app i had ‘django.contrib.staticfiles’ app installed. thats why django was trying to serve the static files and i was getting 404.

after removing it and clearing the cache its works now.

thanks a lot

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