Error when running the example to embed plot in flask application

I am running the example from I’m on Windows 10. When I try to go to the flask endpoint to see the plot displayed I see the following error:
KeyError: “View model name ‘panel.models.location.Location’ not found”. I’m not sure what the issue here is or how to solve it. I tried also with a custom plot following the example and got the same error.

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You need to call panel with ‘’‘import panel as pn’’’ in the flask file.

This definitely got me farther along thank you! However, now it only displays the top text of the embed.html file example. The plot does not render in the flask app, only when viewed from the actual serve endpoint.

I tried to run it and I see the same problem, this is the image

it is something with the css and the static directory, but I do not know how to solve it. I think this is new to panel 0.12, I am running panel 0.10 in other pc and this example works smooth.

I think an issue will be nice to do. If you make pip install panel==0.11 it works.

OK will do. Thanks for all your help.

issue created