Extra blank space in notebook after importing hvplot.xarray

I was talking with @tjcrone today and he asked me why there is extra space between notebook cells after importing hvplot.xarray and if it also bugged me. My answers were “I don’t know”, and “yes”.

What is the reason and is it possible to fix?


I think this comes because it calls hv.extension(bokeh) and put some code into the notebook to make it work. If hv.extension(bokeh)command is called before hand there is no extra space when importing hvplot.xarray, but only after importing hv.extension.

2021-11-22 16_28_27

2021-11-22 16_28_46

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Thanks @hoxbro! So we could add:

import holoviews as hv

to our hvplot notebooks to make them look less strange.

I’m hoping that it could be possible for devs to modify how the import works, or is that impossible?

Yes, maybe file a holoviews issue requesting the hv.extension output to have zero height when logo=False (which is what hvplot is doing).

Okay, issue raised!