FastTemplate Full-screen has no scroll function?

I’m using FastList Template to create a dashboard. When I have a Tabular df or multiple plots that are longer than the height of my dashboard, I can scroll up or down to view the whole content. But when I enter full-screen to view a Card/Row/Column etc with multiple plots/long dataframe, there is no scroll bar for me to view the whole content. I’ve tried adding (scroll=True) on the column/row but that only seemed to work within that individual column/row, not when entering the template’s full screen mode. (And that added scroll was working funny anyway). Is there a way for me to add a scroll function when I’m viewing full-screen on FastTemplate?

template = pn.template.FastListTemplate(site='dashboard', title='FastList',                                        

tst = pd._testing.makeCustomDataframe(400,4)
row = pn.Row('row1', tst)

When I entered full-screen on the Row, I can only view what is on the screen (approx 38 rows of the df) , and cannot scroll to see the rest of the dataframe which has 400 rows.

Any help? Thanks in advance!

When I run your code I get a scrollbar. Maybe I Missunderstand your problem …

The fullscreen is not the browsers but the fullscreen of the widget by clicking this:

And I see the same problem as OP, so I will suggest making an issue on Github.