Frustrated debugging with panel in jupyter notebook

I developed a panel dashboard and it was working fine, although its really inconsistent in it’s behavior. Rather totally unreliable.
For one when I run the code, it is not even displaying the graphs.

For example, I just started jupyter notebook afresh and executed the lines to display the panel, as you can see it loads the panel and the widgets, but the graph(on right) is completely missing or blank.
I restarted the kernel and re ran the cells a bunch of times, and sometimes that does the trick and the graph appears, but other than that, I am literally not doing anything with my code. So this is super annoying when one of the best qualities of running code is it’s reliability to create the same output.

I am running it on Windows 10, and I tried using Chrome and Firefox to see if it helps, but it didn’t.

I’m willing to send my code to anyone if they can help debug this.

See Print statements in jupyter notebook when using panel

In the console I could see this line.
“Bokeh: BokehJS not loaded, scheduling load and callback at Date Mon Aug 24 2020 02:05:37 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)”

Is this why my graphs are not being generated?

@rithwikjc This indeed sounds very frustrating but without a reproducible example it’s very difficult to figure out what could be going wrong here.