Hide the legend on a contour plot

I have the following code to create and image lot using holoviews

opts.defaults(opts.Image(width=500, height=500, cmap="Greys", tools=['hover']),
              opts.Curve(width=500, height=500, tools=['hover'], shared_axes=False),
              opts.Contours(width=500, height=500, cmap=['#FF0000'], tools=['hover'])

hv_image = hv.Image(image, bounds=(left, bottom, right, top))
hv_contour = hv.operation.contours(hv.Image(contour, bounds=(left, bottom, right, top)), levels=1)
hv_curve = hv.Curve((axs, image[500]))
hv_image * hv_contour + hv_curve

My question is:
Is there a way to turn off the legend for the contour plot overlay when created like this? All I want is a single contour that delineates the reference level defined by a separate binary contour image that is computed from the original image. I therefore do not need to indicate various levels tot he user.


Next time please provide a runnable example, but here I’d assume it’s hv_image * hv_contour.opts(show_legend=False) + hv_curve