Holomap not updating plots correctly when choosing from dropdown

I am using Holomap to interactively plot different arrays stored in a detector object:

def detector_plot(array):
    plot=hv.Image((range(x), range(y), array))
    return plot.opts(colorbar=True, cmap="gray", tools=['hover'], aspect=1)

def display_detector(detector):
    data = {'Photon':detector.photon.array, 
    for key in data.keys():
        data.update({key: detector_plot(data[key])})
    hmap=hv.HoloMap(data, kdims=['Array'])

    return hmap.opts(framewise=True)+hmap.hist(adjoin=False, num_bins=100).opts(aspect=1.5, framewise=True, tools=['hover'])


See example below:

What happens is that for the last array in the dropdown menu it sometimes fails to update the colorbar bounds, thus image is white and histogram is pushed somewhere outside of bounds. I tried specifying clim in the Image plot but it doesn’t help. It only happens when I am plotting all four arrays. Can somebody spot the problem? I tried different settings for axiswise and framewise, no luck so far. It also fails to update the y axis in the histogram for the third item. Using Dynamicmap for would work but it is not ideal.