Holoviews graph won't display on website

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I can’t get my holoviews graph to display on my Wordpress site. I have no problem with interactive Bokeh graphs displaying.

It works fine as a local html, works when I preview it, but when I publish the page it disappears.

I’m still new to all this so I’m not sure what other info is needed.

Here’s what I’m using for the graph:

data_scat = macro.to.scatter(‘Year’, ‘Age’)
overlay = data_scat.overlay(‘Ethnicity of Surname’)
opts.Scatter(color=hv.Cycle(‘Set1’), size=5,
show_grid=True, width=800, height=400),
opts.NdOverlay(legend_position=‘left’, show_frame=False))

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Hi @kateosee

Welcome to the community.

Is it possible for you to provide more specific information? What would help is some of

  1. A small reproducible python/ holoviews script that produces what does not work end to end
  2. Some way to reproduce or investigate the Wordpress site. Or at least some explanation of how you embed HoloViews.
  3. The output of your browsers debugging console while running Wordpress.