Hi all,

Is there a documentation (going beyond https://holoviews.org/user_guide/Installing_and_Configuring.html) of how to create a holoviews.rc file? In particular I’d like to find a way to set the default width and height of new plots I create in notebooks (their default is just much too small). I’d also like to change the default font size for axes and tick labels. I know how to do all that by attaching “.opts” to every figure, but setting that to the same values over and over does not seem like the best solution.


In case someone else wonders, here is how I solved this: you can use bokeh theming. Here is my holoviews.rc file for reference.

import holoviews as hv
from bokeh.themes.theme import Theme

theme = Theme(
        'attrs': {
            'Figure': {
                'background_fill_color': '#FFFFFF',
                'border_fill_color': '#FFFFFF',
                'outline_line_color': "black",
                'width': 600,
            'Axis': {
                'axis_line_color': "black",
                'axis_label_text_color': "black",
                'major_label_text_color': "black",
                'major_tick_line_color': "black",
                'minor_tick_line_color': "black",
                'minor_tick_line_color': "black",
                'major_label_text_font_size': '14px',
                'axis_line_width': 1,
                'major_tick_line_width': 1,
                'minor_tick_line_width': 1,
                'axis_label_text_font_size': '14px',
                'major_label_text_font_style': 'normal',
                'axis_label_text_font_style': 'normal'
            'Grid': {
                'grid_line_dash': [6, 4],
                'grid_line_alpha': .3
            'Title': {
                'text_color': "black",
                'text_font_size': '20px'
hv.renderer('bokeh').theme = theme