Holoviews streams doesn't respond with legend outside the graph

While trying to create a dynamic map I noticed a strange behaviour concerning the legend position in an overlay. The following code recreates the problem I came across.

import pandas as pd
import holoviews as hv
from   holoviews import opts
import panel as pn

data = {'name': ['nick', 'david', 'joe', 'ross','nick', 'david', 'joe', 'ross','nick', 'david', 'joe', 'ross'],
        'year': [2010,2010,2010,2010,2011,2011,2011,2011,2012,2012,2012,2012],
        'grade': [5, 10, 7, 6, 8, 9, 8, 10, 4, 6, 5, 5],
        'age'  : [8,9,10,11,9,10,11,12,10,11,12,13]

new = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(data)
ds = hv.Dataset(new)
heatmap = hv.HeatMap(ds, kdims=['name','year'], vdims='grade')
posxy = hv.streams.Tap(source=heatmap, x='nick', y='2010')

def tap_curves(x,y):
    ds = hv.Dataset(new.query('name =="'+ x +'"' ))
    curve1 = hv.Curve(ds,'year','grade', label='GRADE')
    curve2 = hv.Curve(ds,'year','age', label='AGE')
    layout = curve1 * curve2
                opts.Overlay(title=x, legend_position='left', ylabel=''))
    return layout
dmap = hv.DynamicMap(tap_curves, streams=[posxy])
layout = heatmap + dmap

If you place the legend inside the graph at line 25 e.g. top_left everything works fine but ussually they are overlaping with the curves

I’m not sure to understand your issue:

try clicking on a cell, if the legend isn’t inside the graph it doesn’t respond