HoloViews v 1.12.7 "module 'holoviews' has no attribute 'annotate'"

Hi there. I saw one of Jim’s talks at the ESIP conference earlier this month. I’m trying to test out the annotator features he described (following http://build.holoviews.org/user_guide/Annotators.html). Unfortunately, I’m getting the error that “module ‘holoviews’ has no attribute 'annotate”. I’m running HoloViews v. 1.12.7, Bokeh v. 1.4.0, and pyviz v. 0.10.0. Any advice? Thanks!

We were hoping to have full releases of the relevant tools shortly after that talk, but alas, we still have a few more things to finish. For now, you can download the project using the link at the top of https://examples.pyviz.org/ml_annotators/ml_annotators.html and do “anaconda-project run notebook”, which will install all the relevant development versions (which are listed in the anaconda_project.yml file in the .zip archive you download). Sorry for the delay!

Thanks so much for the quick reply! I’ll keep an eye out for the next holoviews release and give this a shot in the meantime. Thanks for the hard work on all these great packages.