How can I pass current view's rectangle coordinates to the class's function


How can I pass dynamically “current view’s rectangle coordinates” to (param.Parameterized) class for rediming my map ?

here is my code:

class BaseClass (param.Parameterized):
   min_time = param.Date(min_time)
   max_time = param.Date(max_time)

   @pn.depends( date_range_slider.param.value)
   def get_plot( min_time,max_time ): # start function
       start_date = date_range_slider.value[0]  
       end_date = date_range_slider.value[1] 
       mask = (df['Zaman'] >= start_date) & (df['Zaman'] <= end_date) # create filter mask for the dataframe
       df_masked = df.loc[mask] # filter the dataframe
       points     = hv.Points(df_masked, ['x', 'y']).redim.range(x=(2555996,5214607),y=(3973110,5356603))

       rasterized =  dynspread( rasterize(points, x_sampling=1, y_sampling=1, width=1000, height=600).opts(**ropts))

       return  map_tiles * rasterized


dashboard =pn.Column( mark,date_range_slider,  base.get_plot)

It works but I need “redim.range” reacts current zoom’s bbox values.

How can I pass zoomed view’s coordinates to the class’s function(get_plot)?