How do we systematically update or brand the Panel/ Bokeh styles?

Hi All

I’ve been working on making the Panel/ Bokeh styles a little bit more awesome. My approach has been to replace the existing widgets using some new alternative ones.

But I am thinking whether it would be better to refactor and improve the existing CSS. I’ve tried 2-3 times but every time I’ve been overwhelmed by the task.

I can see that @Leonidas has successfully updated the style in the Elvis package

I would like to know if some of you have successfully updated (parts of) the bokeh css and some tricks for doing this fast and consistent.

Maybe event get some good .css stylesheets from you.


Hi Marc,

I agree that the Panel and Bokeh default styling could be better. In my opinion it is a bit too modest. Some improvements could be:

  • Text, lines, everything is just a bit too small.
  • Some more color would be nice.
  • Various details could be improved, like omitting minor ticks and using non-italic axes labels.

For Bokeh I would say the theming functionality is the way to go. No CSS required and can be used within the holoviews framework.

For Panel I messed around with the browser develop tool to figure out css class names. I have little web experience and just fiddled around. I ended up using !important; a lot, which is obviously a code smell. The result was, kind of, the change I desired, but it isn’t pretty under the hood.