How to add authentication to Panel using Active Directory?

That is, without spending on a pricey enterprise version. Any tips to investigate would be appreciated.

The next release of Panel will ship with a number of OAuth providers including one for Azure AD. You can see the dev docs for details. Will that serve your use case?

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I had to ask IT if they support Azure AD–I doubt it but I’m not sure yet. But assuming not, I’m thinking there is a way to set that up with Tornado, unless someone knowledgeable says that isn’t a practical solution.

I’d be open to supporting LDAP in Panel as well, so if that’s something you need do file an issue.


Hello, that’s a feature I was dreaming off! Any idea on sate of this next release?

I got this working:
bokeh-active-directory/ at master · bartbroere/bokeh-active-directory (

panel.exe serve “” --port myport --allow-websocket-origin=localhost:8080 --cookie-secret=mysecret --auth-module=pathto\

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