How to debug speed issue

I am just starting with panel and dealing with relatively small data size. (200 rows, 10 columns)

Yet, after I render with template.servable(), it just feels very slow:

  1. The initial loading time is long
  2. The response time after clicking a button and before the figure updates

It could be many factors, package version, the way I program, .etc.

I would like to ask how to start the debugging. For example, how to narrow down what takes long ?

It also depends on your app and what it does. 200 rows doesn’t sound like much indeed, but we don’t really know what you do with that :slight_smile:

You could start by setting up the admin page with a profiler (e.g. pyinstrument) and see if you can spot some obvious performance bottleneck. Here’s the relevant docs: Performance and Debugging — Panel v0.14.3