Inconsistent precision of EditableFloatSlider vs FloatSlider

I am probably overlooking something very simple, but when I use

test1 = pn.widgets.FloatSlider(start=-25, end=25)

I get “normal” numbers (as in 1.20 or 5.44).
On the other hand when I use

test2= pn.widgets.EditableFloatSlider(start=-25, end=25)

I get funky numbers (as in 1.199999999, or 5.4400000000001). Not all numbers are wrong. If divisible by 0.5, then they are correct.
The number shown in the tooltip that appear on mousedown, when" grabbing" the slider is always correct. The error only appears for the textbox located above the slider.



“works”, in the sense that the displayed precision is correct, if it was correct before.

How to fix this?

What you are seeing is floating point math in the textbox, see here

Add a feature request to format the textbox number on Github.