Inline plots in QtConsole

Hi all,

I occasionally do work in the Jupyter QtConsole, and am led to believe it can only render Matplotlib. Accordingly, how do I set all plots to be done with this backend?

My previous experience is in the Notebook with hvplot, where I’d use hv.extension(‘bokeh’) and pd.Series(…).hvplot.line()., but adapting this doesn’ot seem to work for the console.

Currently I can only get anything going with the likes of hv.render(hv.Curve(…), backend=“matplotlib”).


I have an interest in this and I did some digging myself.
The main issue is that HV objects based on web plotting framework needs an HTML frame to be rendered in.
Qtconsole do not support rendering HTML outputs.

However, there is an issue over at Qtconsole on rending HTML objects. I have just added a comment on the status.