Internal cache of an echart pane

Having trouble with an Echart pane using pyecharts. Specifically, it is remembering a prior state of the plot, and I don’t know how to disable it.

Consider this simple multiline example. I can add new lines to the plot with a widget, but I cannot remove lines from the plot that were added from a previous render.

import numpy as np
import panel as pn
from pyecharts.charts import Line
from pyecharts import options as opts

x = np.linspace(0,10,9)
y1 = np.cos(x)
y2 = np.sin(x)
y3 = np.cosh(x)  # Much larger y_lim
y = [y1, y2, y3]

count = pn.widgets.Select(options=[1,2,3], value=1, name='Number of Lines to display')

def plot_multiline(count):
    plot = Line().add_xaxis(xaxis_data=list(x))
    for i in range(count):
        plot.add_yaxis(series_name=str(i+1), y_axis=list(y[i]))
    return pn.pane.ECharts(plot)

pn.Column(count, plot_multiline)