Intro and open forum for thoughts about a project

I’ll try to be brief but I’ve only been using Python for about a year and a half of which the year was reading panel/param and breaking nginx constantly (django).

Was doing a senior project and found panel and went full bore but I’m a bit stuck on exactly what is best implementation. Essentially I have a very basic GUI made and some depends functions but keep branching every time I look at the panel site about should I make tabs, do a pipeline, parameterized functions versus depends. I guess if there is a question to be made from this is would there be any explicit limitations between panel implementations or it’s just me trying to overoptimize something trivial?

Anyway, I spend a lot of time coding these days and hoping someday I could provide some benefit so back to reading/attempting ideas for now.

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Hi @SiegeMT

Welcome to the community. Its some great questions. But the answer is probably “it depends”.

My advice is just try to build your stuff. Later refactoring and optimizing is a normal part of the process.

If you have specific issues then try to post smaller minimum, reproducible examples. They are often easy for the community to help with.