Is it possible to deploy and run a Panel app from GitLab?

I have some Jupyter notebooks from my day job that are stored in GitLab repos (my employer does not use GitHub). Has anyone tried deploying from there?
Thank you

never did it but panel is built on top of bokeh so you might find this itneresting:

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It’s not Panel (let’s see if something comes up) but it is a good alternative to keep in the back pocket!

It’s not Panel but it relies mainly on Bokeh.
Q: How does Panel relate to Bokeh?

Or I don’t get it?

I am sorry, I realize that I did not properly explain what I was looking for in my question:
I am looking for an example (or documentation) to get me started on how to serve/deploy - with Panel directly - a Jupyter notebook with interactive features (using matplotlib in this case but that could be changed) that is in a GitLab repo.
I do not know Bokeh almost at all, so perhaps I don not see past the example you pointed to.

The point @slamer59 was making is that Panel is built almost entirely on top of Bokeh so anything you can do with Bokeh is also possible with Panel. That said I have no idea how GitLab integrates with notebooks so don’t have any immediate suggestions.

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Ah, ok, that is clear now, my apology for the confusion.
I think I will give it a go and report back and share what I find.