Is there a way to check default options


I’m building a small platform deployed in Heroku and almost everything is working as intended.

Just one small thing that changes is that when I start my app the zoom lvl of an map displayed is different, so far so good not that big off a deal I wouldn’t nitpick on that

But when I click in a button that I use to change the loaded data on my map (without interacting with the map in any way shape or form) the loaded data gets distorted

this image shows the before I click the button

And this image shows the After (notice that the map becomes distorted)

this only happens if the very first thing I do when I load my app is to click on the button that changes the map, if no the app will work as usual

This thing is that when I test the exact same code on my local enviroment this behaviour does not repeat with it leads me to believe that it has something to do with my holoviews default settings (I changed them A LOT when I was debbuging this code without knowing exactly what to do), so I just want to know if there is some way for me to check the default settings of my holoview installation

Something like for example

import holoviews as hv


and then with this information just add a line of code in my deployed app for it to set the defaults options before running

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Hi @ArthurDF

Congrats on deploying your app.

With a minimum, reproducible example it is only possible to guess the cause.

Could it be

  • A difference in the versions of packages?
  • Some difference between windows when you develop and linux when you deploy?
  • That the x and y limits are calculated automatically from the data? Thus when you provide new data these limits change.
  • possible to manually specify the x and y axis limits? Then they would not change when the data is changed.

Hi thanks for the answer

I’ll check your tips to see if any pattern change, in fact the versions that I’m running on both my local and web enviroments are different and due to works restrains I’m developing this solution in Windows…

I’ll try to test in an enviroment similar to my web one and on linux as well

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