Is there a way to use Taps with Tiles without Geoviews?

I just want to record the locations of where the user tapped. This works, but I don’t want to import geoviews + cartopy. Is there a way around?

import panel as pn
import numpy as np
import geoviews as gv
import holoviews as hv
import as ccrs

tiles = hv.Tiles('{Z}/{X}/{Y}@2x.png', name="Wikipedia")

points = gv.Points([], crs=ccrs.PlateCarree()).opts(projection=ccrs.GOOGLE_MERCATOR)
stream = hv.streams.Tap(source=points, x=np.nan, y=np.nan)

@pn.depends(stream.param.x, stream.param.y)
def location(x, y):
    return pn.pane.Str(f'Click at {x:.2f}, {y:.2f}', width=200)

pn.Row(tiles * points, location)