Keep zoom level for sequence of images

I’m not sure I understand it correctly, but I think the feature that a “left-over” dimension is shown as a widget, when plotting a higher-dim xarray with hvplot, that’s a dynamic map isn’t it?

Anyway, I noticed that when I zoom into an image area of a stack of images for which I conveniently get a slider (love that feature), that zoom is deleted when I go to the next image.
Is there a way to keep that zoom alive when going through the image stack?

Here’s what I’m looking at, and i would like to zoom into a specific area and have that zoom stay the same for all other images:

Hi @michaelaye

Do you have a small, reproducible example to start from? Such an example will make it easier to help and help build the community knowledge base.

    framewise=False,  # no unique ranges per frame
    axiswise=False  # no unique ranges per subplot axis

Also maybe


framewise=False was actually sufficient in my case, thanks!

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