Latex labels in a holomap

I am embedding latex-formatted holomaps in a static website. The labels of the map have a latex layout, see e.g. here.

While at an initial render, mathjax processes the math, upon changing the value of the slider the axis label stops being rendered:


How to fix that?

A few words about the build machinery. I’m running nbconvert to html, which I then embed in a static website that has bokeh and panel js scripts included.

For me it’s a bokeh bug it can be reproduce using this code:

from bokeh.models import Slider
from import show, output_notebook

show(Slider(title=r'$\mu$', value=0, start=0, end=10)) (1)
I’ll try to look if there is not already an issue

It’s really an interesting bug.
Actually I don’t think it’s a bokeh bug
Bokeh just does not handle latex in title, It’s the notebook which convert it into MathJax.

I’ve opened a feature request in panel.