Looking for Advice on Biometrics Viewer


I am pretty new to the Holoviz World.

I have a large variety of measurements from a single subject (heart rate, body temperature, ambient temperature, activity, sleep/wake) and I’m hoping to build a dashboard to view and interact with it. Specifically I’m looking for circadian rhythm patterns, so looking for patterns that repeat ~every 24 hours.

The data has a wide variety of time-resolutions, and often has gaps where devices were temporarily removed.

My first thought is to stack all of the graphs on top of each other, and link the x axis so that they are all looking at the same time window. Although I’m not certain how to do this, especially given that the time points are not shared between the different measurements.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @mephamah

Welcome to the community. That sounds interesting.

I would start out by getting the plots working. With hvplot, holoviews or Plotly you should be able to get the x-axis linked. With hvplot/ holoviews this should be out of the box as long as the column/ dimension for the x-axis is called the same across datasources and or plots.

Try it out. If you get stuck try to share some data and a minimum version of the code you are working on. That is the easiest to try to provide help to.

Okay great thanks for the quick reply!