MultiFileSelector/File browser widget

I would like to display a MultiFileSelector/File browser widget. I should be able to browse to a folder containing files, choose multiple files, do something with the contents of the files, and display results. Kind of like FileInput widget, but for multiple files
I have tried MultiFileSelector, but it doesn’t allow browsing into a folder to choose multiple files. I don’t mind whether the contents of the chosen files are automatically downloaded or I get just the file paths. Any pointers will be great.

A browser will never give you access to the filepaths due to it’s security model. That said we can and should support uploading multiple files with the FileInput widget so an issue on that would be appreciated. If you need to browse and select files and directories on the server, we just added:

@philippjfr, I saw the final design but found no code on how to generate the cool final design in the pull request. Any pointers? Sorry, I’m not so experienced with using github :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s described here and will be available in the next release.

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You can install the latest panel version with:

pip install git+

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