New documentation and process - VSCODE - Panel not showing up

I’m a bit confused and could use some guidance.
I utilize VSCODE and mainly .ipynb files.
My workflow entails creating mini Panels ; and then just exporting the entire notebook to html static site generator.
What is happening now is that I have behavior that I don’t understand how to debug.
There are times I don’t see the Panel app. and there are times when I do ; but when I go export nothing shows up in the html. Note that I don’t work off the command line. My workflow is pretty simple. So my question is… do Plotly and Tabulator don’t work ? Do I need to .embed() everything?
The docs don’t make it clear it to me to utilize Panel in VSCODE, and how to output within notebook.

at the top I import :

import hvplot.pandas
import pandas as pd
import panel as pn
import panel.widgets as pnw
import as px
import as pio

# pn.extension("tabulator", "plotly", comms="vscode", embed=True)
pn.extension("plotly", "tabulator", comms="ipywidgets")

# Change the default colors of Plotly
pio.templates.default = "seaborn"

import warnings

Is my understanding correct that Plotly and Tabulator will just not work with this workflow ?
and only Bokeh ?

They definitely should work, can you file an issue on the Panel repository with as much detail as possible.