Offline app with WASM

Hello, this may be more about pyodide than panel, but is there a way to allow for WASM apps to work from an offline environment. I would like to access WASM panel apps hosted on a local server from a local computer not connected to the internet. This would normally fail as pyodide would not be able to fetch required libraries from an outside CDN. Of course, running panel without WASM and all python dependencies installed may be a solution, but I would like the browser (client) to do the brunt of the necessary computations/renderings, and WASM was a very convenient way to move the programming logic into the browser app.

Still new to all this, so I hope my question makes sense. Thanks in advance.

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Do you have advice @philippjfr ?

Great question! Bad news this isn’t possible now, good news this is definitely something we should explore. The main obstacle is caching the Python packages locally and it will also require a local http server. What would be really powerful if we also implemented environment bundling built on something like GitHub - pyodide/pyodide-pack: Python package bundler and minifier for the web. Bundling just the required environment could reduce the overall size and speed up load time a lot.

Understood! I’d be thrilled to have such a feature, and if load times become faster, I’m sure others would benefit as well.

Thanks for all the hard work!

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