Panel on Binder

I鈥檝e been working on a PR to make it MUCH EASIER to explore the Panel example notebooks and apps via BINDER. Now it鈥檚 ready for review.


Jupyter Labs:Binder

App Gallery: Binder

PR: Enable Binder by MarcSkovMadsen 路 Pull Request #2198 路 holoviz/panel 路 GitHub

ps. This also led to several bug fixes and improvements to Panel. Including a new index/ gallery template and a site_url parameter on templates.


Great work as usual !!!The new index.html looks amazing! Can we add an image to each app?

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Thanks @nghenzi2019 .

Currently Panel does not have any way of configuring meta information like image_url, code_url, youtube_url, author, owner etc of an app. I normally use a .toml file for that.

If we can give meta information to Panel it could add the image etc. And it could look similar to to the

If you think it would be valuable for Panel users please create a PR? Thanks.

ps. If you need a Gallery with images etc now, you can find inspiration here awesome-panel-extensions/awesome_panel_extensions/frameworks/fast/templates/fast_gallery_template at master 路 MarcSkovMadsen/awesome-panel-extensions (