Panel row dynamic resizing question

I am trying to make a dashboard where I have various materials linked to a dropdown widget. I’ve managed to get most of it working but having issues with spacing. In my sidebar I have a few different outputs being listed but one of them is a description which has differing character counts. The values update, but I can’t seem to get the spacing to update by messing with the sizing_mode option. Sample snippet of what I’ve got:

    sidebar = [
        pn.pane.Markdown('#Select material from dropdown list:'),
        pn.pane.Markdown('###Information about the material selected:', margin=(0,0)),
        pn.Row(mat_info[1], sizing_mode="stretch_height"),

Forgive me if I’m being dense as I’ve been fumbling my way through this but pretty happy with what I’ve got so far. If I load up a selection with a low word count in the “mat_info” section, refresh the browser, and then change to a selection that is more verbose; mat_info will overlap with the next item. I can refresh the page to fix the spacing, but trying to get this to happen automatically or dynamically when I’m changing my selections.