Panel should allow next_parameter to be passed in a pipeline

In 0.7.1a the behavior of the ready_parameter in pipeline stages was changed so that the value from one stage would not pass on to the next (even if the precedence was not set to -1). This makes sense to me since you want each stage to determine independently from the previous stage if it is ready to advance.

However, the next_parameter was also changed to have the same behavior. This I’m not sure I agree with. I can think of use cases where the default next stage should be set by the previous stage. For example, I have a pipeline where the decision about which path to take is made on the first page, and then regardless of the decision all paths go through a connection stage before branching. In 0.7.0 I was able to pass the next_parameter through to the connection stage and then it would branch from there once the connection had been made. In 0.7.1 that no longer works, presumably because the next_parameter is explicitly being blocked from being passed in.

Would it make sense to revert to the previous behavior for the next_parameter? Is there anyway to have more fine control of which parameters get passed to which stages?