Panel vs Param depends

I’m looking to move my python code to Param and to use Panel to build some interactive tools. I’m finding the documentation somewhat confusing but am excited to move forward. I’ve seen the Awesome Panel project and would like to start moving to projects like those shown.

I’m not really sure what API to use as I often test things out in Jupyter Lab but since HoloViews, Panel and other Pyviz tools use Param I’m thinking I should start there.

However, I see many example of Param.Parameterized classes using Panel widgets as attributes and @pn.depends() instead of @param.depends().

Can someone point me to a reference where I can learn when to use each of these?


@pn.depends is just a thin wrapper around param depends that also handles widgets. So they’re pretty much the same, but pn.depends covers a bit more ground.

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Hi @tallhamer

When you start working. Feel free to post questions in new post here on discourse. Something that will help a lot is if the questions come with small minimum, reproducible code examples. They are normally relatively easy to answer.

Good luck.