Panel WASM Setup (Pyodide/JupyterLite Installation)

Hello, hello! I am new to Panel (and very impressed with the project).

Unfrotunately, I found that following the official instructions to install Panel in a (Pyodide) WASM environment does not work. I opened an issue on GH, but have not received any response yet.

Essentially, I get the error:

ValueError: Can't fetch wheel from ''. One common reason for this is when the server blocks Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). Check if the server is sending the correct 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header.

If I get some pointers, I would be happy to open a PR to update the Panel documentation.

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@Hoxbro . Can you help?

Try to use these wheels:

The reason why they are not kept in sync with the latest release is they are manually updated. I will take a look at how to update them automatically.

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These work fine, thank you! It would be convenient to have them updated automatically - but the short-term fix would be to simply update the docs. I’ve added the wheel URLs you gave to the GH issue. Thanks!