Partial sharing of HeatMap axes

Hi, regarding the last example in the HeatMap documentation: If I combine two plots from different preformatted dataframes like this:

df1.hvplot.heatmap(x='columns', y='index') + df2.hvplot.heatmap(x='columns', y='index')

they always share the same axes and values scaling, i.e. I get

   .HeatMap.I  :HeatMap   [columns,index]   (value)
   .HeatMap.II :HeatMap   [columns,index]   (value)

I know I can use shared_axes=False to unshare everything. But is there a simple way to rename the axes and values dimensions of the two plots individually, such that only part of the ranges are shared? I was thinking like .redim.label(columns='station_name') or such, but that only changes the label, not the underlying dim.

You have almost the right answer but you have to change the dim and not the label and it’s done with:


Yes! That did it, thank you so much!

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