'Path for Bokeh server application does not exist' when trying to deploy on Heroku

I was following this guide for deploying a panel app to Heroku: Heroku — Panel v1.2.0 . I’m trying to serve two python files (I want it up and working before actually starting on fleshing out the second dashboard, so its two copies of the same file with different names), each contains template.servable() at the end.

This error keeps happening when it tries to build on Heroku:

 ERROR: Path for Bokeh server application does not exist: /app/src/campaign_dashboard/starbound_dashboard.py

This is what my Procfile contains:

web: panel serve --address="" --port=$PORT src/campaign_dashboard/starbound_dashboard.py src/campaign_dashboard/protea_dashboard.py --allow-websocket-origin=campaign-dashboard.herokuapp.com

how did you fix this?

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Hi @Akiinrinde

Welcome to the community. Are you experiencing the same issue?