pn.WidgetFileInput, local okay but remote, not in sync


I used the advice here to access my app via SSH.

I found that selecting multiple files with pn.WidgetFileInput from the remote that the .value was updated before .filename and finally .mime-type.

When the app is on the server, the watch of the .value is actioned before .filename and .mime-type have been updated.

If I watch the .mime_type, then if I do a second upload with the same file types, this watch is not triggered.

This does not happen when running locally (in Jupyter).

Any suggestions on how to work around this (is there some sort of wait)? Currently, I have added a button that is manually pressed for the next step.

I need the updated filenames, mine_type and values.

Kind regards,

Hi @douglasmacdonald

Could you provide a minimum, reproducible example to start from?