PolyDraw conflict with Geoviews and Holoviews?

I’m trying to implement the PolyDraw tool on a plot that inlcudes Holoviews elements and a Geoviews tile source.

Starting with the example in the User Guide:

It works!

But as soon as I import Geoviews it does not work.

The code to reproduce is here.

import holoviews as hv
#import geoviews as gv
from holoviews import opts, streams



path = hv.Path([[(1, 5), (9, 5)]])
poly = hv.Polygons([[(2, 2), (5, 8), (8, 2)]])
path_stream = streams.PolyDraw(source=path, drag=True, show_vertices=True)
poly_stream = streams.PolyDraw(source=poly, drag=True, num_objects=4,
                               show_vertices=True, styles={
                                   'fill_color': ['red', 'green', 'blue']

(path * poly).opts(
    opts.Path(color='red', height=400, line_width=5, width=400),
    opts.Polygons(fill_alpha=0.3, active_tools=['poly_draw']))

Ultimately I want to implement geoviews.tile_sources to get a geographic map and then have holoviews.streams.PolyDraw for users to draw polygons on the map. Have I done something wrong or have I discovered a bug?

FYI - I submitted an issue on github.