Polygon color update using streams and DataLink

I am working on a Polygon version of the PointDraw example in the documentation.
Although I am able to plot polygons and see the kdims (‘xs,ys’) update in the table, I am however unable to update the color of the polygons created by changing the vdim column called “value”
Here is a minimal code.

from holoviews import opts, streams
import holoviews as hv

from holoviews.plotting.links import DataLink
from holoviews import dim
from holoviews.streams import Params
import pandas as pd 

polys = hv.Polygons(data=[],kdims=['xs','ys'],vdims=['value','al','fa']).redim.range(xs=(-.1, 1.1), ys=(-.1, 1.1))
poly_stream = streams.PolyDraw(data=polys.columns(),num_objects=10, source=polys, empty_value='blue')
poly_edit=streams.PolyEdit(data=polys.columns(), num_objects=10, source=polys, empty_value='blue')

table = hv.Table(pd.DataFrame(polys.data,columns=['xs','ys','value','al','fa']))

DataLink(polys, table)


Here is the output from the above code.

My expected result is that the user is able to change the color for the selected polygon using the ‘value’ column of the table