Problem showing records in panel DataFrame

I create panel app that will allow to get information through few widgets about filename, destination path, date … and show all information in dataframe widget. But I have a problem to show dataframe with all records (see attached image with two records).

The code is bellow
Untitled12.ipynb (2.9 MB)


You’ll have to allocate the table a fixed height like this

    def panel(self):
        return pn.Column(
            pn.Param(self, parameters=['sel_tipazuriranje', 'num']),
            pn.Param(self.param.df, widgets={'df': {'height': 500}})

Sorry for late answer. Many thanks for solution.

I have another problem. FileSelector widget shows all content (real folders and files) on specific path. For purposes of my app I create copy of directory tree structure from other source but with changed folders names. This directory tree is created dynamically when app is opened. Is it possible to use/create temporary directory tree because I expect original directory tree structure to be changed between access of two users. In that case the second user will overwrite the directory tree structure.

Or could I show in the FileSelector widget temporary/fictive directory tree (from list, dict, …) just to take the path for the chosen file in File input widget by each user in own session.