Problems QuadMesh MemoryError

I´ve plotted an img plot using directly matplotlib and now I´m trying to do the same in holoviews.
My principal data (z values that gonna be the colors of the pixels in the image) is an array of arrays. There are 171048 arrays. Each array has 391 samples.
My y-axis will gonna be an array of 171048 values (each value here is linked to one array from my principal data).
My x-axis will gonna be another array that I´ve created with a range of 391 values (each value here is linked to value position from the arrays in my principal data).

I´ve tried to use hv.QuadMesh((x, y, z)) but it returns me the following message:
MemoryError [Call holoviews.ipython.show_traceback() for details]
Unable to allocate 63.8 MiB for an array with shape (171048, 391) and data type bool

What happened? Is is easy to solve this?

The image bellow is the image that I´ve created using directly the matplotlib